Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Current Issue of Christianity Today Magazine Features A Multi-Site Article

High-Tech Circuit Riders are multi-site pastors who use video to preach to more than one congregation. This article likens them to the horseback Methodist ministers of days gone by.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Christian News - The Christian Post

Here's a short report on the one-day forum at Willow Creek on Multi-site.

Christian News - The Christian Post | Multi-Site MegaChurch Pastors to Share Secrets to Success

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Hitchhikers multi-site conference

New Thing Network from Community Christian is offering a HitchHikers guide to multi-site. It looks like a slimmed down conference, but more of a hands-on, "this is how we do it" conference.

Multi-Site Conference

Community Christian Church is hosting a Leadership Network sponsored Multi-Site Conference. I hope we can send a leadership team from our new site.

Monday, August 15, 2005

A Blog from a worship leader at Christ the King

Sam's Thoughts

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Assemblies of God actively encourages multi-site

Models of multi-site ministry was a seminar hosted at their annual nationa meeting.

Assemblies of God (USA) Official Web Site

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Franchising God

Here's a rant by a critic of multisite churches.

Territorial Bloggings � Franchising God

Saturday, August 06, 2005

One church, multiple congregations

Still another church leadership publication that is citing the importance, popularity and doability of multi-site church. They focus primarily on video.

Church Executive Magazine - April 2005

Q & A about a February 2006 Launch

This church is forming a launch team for a February 2006 launch. They call their launch team "launch meat."

Sunwest Christian Fellowship - McKenzie Campus

Look at this map

I don't know anything about this church. I couldn't figure out from the website how to find out anything. I don't know what they believe. But, I LOVE their map. Clearly they have a vision for multiplicaiton.

Pulling up the stakes with multi-site churches

Ken Dean compares churches to elephants and talks about the popularity of multi-site churches as a strategy to reach communities.

The Church Report - Pulling up the stakes with multi-site churches

Vocabulary III -- What's a "Main campus?" How about a "satellite campus?"

I just found a church website that advertised a service at their "satellite campus."

That language communicates two things. One location is more important than the other. One location is the mother ship and the other orbits it. The opposite would be a statement about a "main" campus, in effect saying, "our most important location."

The other thing in communicates is that it is big. I remember from college that a campus is a big place. My high school didn't have a campus. We had a building. A campus at college went sprawling for acres. If you want to communicate bigness then "campus" works. If you think smallness might be an asset then don't use "campus".

We've chosen to use neither "main" nor "campus". Our choice not to use main has led to the non-determinative designation of the first location as "Riverfalls." We need to call it something. But it isn't main. We've chosen to call our sites "locations" because we think smallness will be a virtue in our community. And, in the future when we are renting space somewhere we won't have any kind of campus.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

St. Mark's Church

This site has a good Q&A on how multi-site affects an established church. St. Mark's Church - Multi-Site Churches using video to reach their community

An interesting collection of multi-site resources.

Multi-Site Map

Here is a cool map of all multi-site churches as compiled by Northcoast Church.

Who's using multi-site?

Multi-site church planting gaining steam

Here's a December 2003 article about the use of multi-site to plant churches.

Church Central home - christian church web site with news

News about an international Multi-site

One of the things that attracts me about multi-site ministry is that it is inventive, adaptable, and expandable. Here is a news article about a multi-site church adding their first international site.


Monday, August 01, 2005

Church Marketing Sucks: Franchising Church

Here's a different look at multi-site. Church Marketing Sucks: Franchising Church

A Reformed Church uses Multi-site

A reformed church has gone multi-site and has their Sunday message delivered in one location via DVD. Check it out. RCA: Today: Church Multiplies Ministry

Thin Lines or Dark Lines -- Vocabulary II

How do you talk about "our" church? The essence of being one church in many locations is that you draw a line that between your locations very lightly. There is a line. It's just thin.

The locations can't help but be distinct. Yet, they're part of one church. So, if you want to draw a dark line draw it on the outside to include all the locations. Our tendency is to press hard on the pencil that identifies "mine" or "ours" and make it clear to others that "they" need to take care of "theirs". Instead, we need thin lines, not dark ones. If you can get by without drawing any lines, by all means, do!

Does it matter that when we talk about small group ministry. Yes. . . but not enough to draw a dark line. So, draw a thin one. You could say that about just about any ministry. It makes some difference. Draw a thin, light line if you must. Work within your newly drawn circle, but expect and invite people to cross over it.

Our goal is to work together, not separately. We'll save the dark lines for someone else.