Sunday, July 17, 2005

Preaching, or Not Preaching, in a Multi-Site Church

I am looking out over my garden waiting to go to church. Normally I would have been at church for an hour and a half already. Yet, Nathan, our first site pastor will be preaching for me.

Part of me feels like I'm taking it easy, enjoying the sunshine dance with the shadows in the ealry morning sun. Part of me feels guilty, after all I am a preacher. My job is preaching. Yet, part of me realizes that a majority of what I need to be doing in the next few years is giving ministry away to younger men who can grow into it and lead other congregations.

My job is changing. I must become an equipper and a releaser of other people. That includes some of the central functions of my calling -- like preaching. I suppose, the future of my job will seem more apostolic than pastoral. I will be responsible to make many younger men faithful and effective in ministry.

So, for today, I will enjoy the view into my garden, pray for and think about the future of the plantings of God's kingdom.


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